Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Adventure #2 - Old Man's Cave

It happens every year.  The week before Spring break:  nice sunny weather.  The week of Spring break:  cold, rainy and snowy.  When the kids go back to school the following Monday:  Sunny and warm all week.  Never fails.  This year, we didn't let the weather keep us down.

Jeff and I took the girls to Old Man's Cave and stayed in "our" log cabin for a few nights.  Going to Old Man's Cave goes way back to the start of when Jeff and I started dating, 16 years ago.  I came home from work one Friday night and Jeff told me to pack a weekend bag.  He wouldn't tell me where we were going so he gave me a few basic hints of what to pack but that was it.  I got into his truck and looked in the back.  I saw firewood, rope, and an axe, amongst other things.  I started to panic and wondered who I had just gotten engaged to. 

"Uh, Jeff...  You have to tell me where you're taking me," looking in the back of the truck.

Jeff looked in the back and said, "Yeah... that doesn't look good, does it?"

That's when he told me he was taking me to Old Man's Cave.  We loved the cabin so much, that we stay in the same cabin every time we go there.  This time, we shared it with our two girls.

Oh yeah, the firewood and axe was for the wood burning fireplace, just in case you were wondering; and the rope and other things were from the stables where we lived.  He always had farm stuff in the back of his truck.  I love telling that story.

We had a fantastic Spring break.  It snowed really hard the first night, almost an inch, but luckily it was all melted by the next afternoon. 

So to stay warm, we hung out in the hot tub!

We hiked everyday.

The ice on the hiking trails was breathtaking.

The ice was so thick in some areas, the kids had fun sliding down the frozen waterfalls.

Having a tasty snack.

Our little explorers.

 Winter is our favorite time to visit Old Man's Cave.  It may be cold, but the trails are so beautiful with frozen waterfalls, and sitting in a hot tub with snow on the ground makes the achy muscles all go away.

My Happiness Project continues with Adventure #2!!!  It was so nice getting away from phones (no cell service there!), internet, schedules, homework, meetings and have-to's.

If you would like to see more of my photos from our trip, visit my Flickr account.  Enjoy!

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