Friday, November 9, 2012

Stifling a gigle is very hard to do

As I've mentioned before, I've been really out of it lately and my brain is still trying to catch up.  The time change has not helped me at all and I still can't seem to adjust to the new time.  Last night's dinner was a perfect example.  This time change has affected my whole family.  My daughter-in-law and my granddaughter stayed for dinner.  Yes, I actually cooked dinner.... with vegetables, too!  Ellen was acting up and it was very clear that she was very tired.  She's been getting up around 6am since the time change and the child will not nap to save her soul.  While we were eating, I was in my own little world, being tired myself.  Here's how a conversation went, or so what I THINK I heard...

Daddy:  Ellen, sit up and eat.
Ellen:  I'm full.
Daddy:  You didn't eat enough.  Eat more meat.
Ellen:  (Continues to lift her feet up in the air and twist around in her seat)
Daddy:  Ellen, if you don't sit up and eat, you're going straight to bed.  We do not behave this way at the....
Ellen:  Blah blah blah....

What?  Did I really just hear that?  I know I was out of it but my husband was so beside himself when Ellen sang that little song, Daddy about lost it and sent her to the corner.  Stifling our giggles was very difficult as my 8 year old was watching the whole thing.  My little 5-year-old somewhere learned this attitude and it was so unexpected, we weren't quite sure how to react because well, it was funny... but NO!  It was NOT!

So recently, I really thought I had hit rock bottom.  I thought I needed to make some changes, and some changes I accept full responsibility for; however, it dawned on me at 2 am this morning why I've felt rock bottom.  Our new "little" puppy has his nights and days mixed up.  He's been waking me up anywhere between 2 am and 5:30 am and once he wakes me up, I'm up.  I can't seem to get back into a deep sleep and trying to fight a cold, I've been a mess. 

Victor is 7 months old.  He came from the training facility where we had Koda trained.  So Victor has never been in a house, never been left alone and since he's still a "puppy", everything is new to him.  I've had to scrape up every bit of patience and finally after a week, he stopped pooping and whining in his kennel.  Now, he likes to scratch the bottom of his kennel in the middle of the night.  I. AM. TIRED!  I really should be in bed now but since my littlest one keeps waking up about the same time I do, I've gotten very little "me" time.  What's that new saying these days?  "I'm a 'hot' mess"?  Whatever.

So here are some pictures of Victor.  He's a very sweet dog.  Easily trained.  He doesn't bark, loves kids, doesn't go upstairs but I will tell you that I've never known a puppy to be so freakin' lazy!  He loves his walks and to play fetch, but good gracious, this dog can lay around and do nothing all day if we didn't play with him and motivate him. 
Ellen & Victor

Marcella & Victor

 We had to get a raised dog dish because Victor loved carrying around his water dish.  At least my kitchen floor was clean.... well.... sort of.  

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