Friday, February 22, 2013

The Dreaded Blank Screen

When I get overwhelmed with life, I have plenty to say but no motivation to write about it.  Some of it relates to the fact that I am a strong believer in keeping most of my life private and not for the world to read about every detail of my life.  Today, it's mostly the fact that my kids won't leave me alone long enough to do anything without interrupting a million times a minute.  So why bother?  I haven't purposely made phone calls to friends and family to catch up on "chit chat" (as my kids call it) because they won't let me finish a sentence without interrupting me or the person I'm talking to.  With that being said, I am downright overwhelmed about life in general.

Too much on my plate

This is THE worst time to ask me for favors or to volunteer for anything.  As I put it to my pastor the other day, "you know how you take a nibble and then you realize you've bitten off more than you can chew?  Well, that's me."  I started teaching Sunday school at church, which in turn automatically volunteered me to help coordinate our Vacation Bible School this summer, I'm involved in our discipleship meetings which has a very broad spectrum of all the activities we are and will be involved in.  My specific obligation to that group is to create a brochure or a flier with images and what we're all about.  
It's Girl Scout cookie time and my garage is filled with over 150 cases of cookie boxes.  My youngest daughter has the flu so I can't deliver any of those cookies for a couple days. Not only do we need to deliver a gazillion cookies but I'm the coordinator for the whole thing = extra community service projects and cookie booths.

I'm starting to panic over being the photographer for my nephew's wedding reception, in which I don't have time to panic.

I took the dog to the vet yesterday.  He has panosteitis, which is a bone disease.  Thank God it's something he'll grow out of.  Basically it's like growing pains for dogs but it's in the bones.  He's on pain meds and he's going to be fine.  It will come and go and he'll grow out of it within the next six months until he's fully grown.  This is a picture of him doing "Doggie Yoga".  He does this a lot to stretch his legs from laying around so much.  It's hard not to laugh at him while he's doing this.

....and I got hit with a hard virus on my computer and again it's taken me several days to pinpoint that stupid thing and getting rid of it.  I think it's gone... I hope it's gone.  I've gone as far as paying for a virus program because I'm sick of viruses taking up my precious time.

So, with a blank screen staring at me at the beginning of this post, I sure had a lot to say.  If you're still with me, I want to make very clear that the amount of stuff that I have on my plate, I actually LOVE doing!  Before I would dread having to go to these activities or preparing for any of them, but not this time.  I'm super excited to see the kids every Sunday morning, I'm super excited to stand outside in the cold selling more cookies and I'm super excited for the opportunities to take photographs for something (someone) real.  My plate may be full but I'm tackling each and every one of them with a happy heart.  If only my kids could jump on that happy wagon with me while I'm dragging them to everything we (they) are involved in.  I thank God that I have the energy to do all this and the motivation as well.

Latest Gluten Free attempt:

I treated myself to gluten free pizza crust.  When the instructions say to make the pizza at least 14", make the darn thing 14"!  I had a 12" pizza pan and thought, "nah, a bit of a thicker crust will be fine..."  Umm.... BAD IDEA!  It took forever to bake and it was STILL gummy in the center and outer crust.  Although I could taste the potential it would've had, I won't give up on it.  I'll just take the directions a little more serious next time.

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  1. LOl, too bad with the pizza.. Well, don't worry girl, I think you'll come through just fine. These are just problems and you got a bigger man behind your back here and UP there.