Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Spit Is Dry

"Mom!  I'm thirsty."

"Lick your lips," was my reply.

"... But my spit is dry....."

Believe it or not, that was our conversation with our 6-year-old daughter on our way out of the mall not too long ago. 

My spit is dry, too.... and so is my body.  This winter is killing me!  I wake up with cotton in my mouth and my skin is so tight and dry, I feel like a wilted rubber band.

On top of feeling the affects of the wretched dry air and lack of light in my life, my energy level is being depleted by the hour. I watched four movies today.  Granted, I'm also coming down off the holiday high and I told myself I needed a day to be lazy and lazy I was!  So lazy that this house is a disaster and I'm content to let the kids play with friends all day just so I can watch TV all day.  So sad.  BUT!  I did take the dog for a walk today.  The poor guy hasn't been on a walk in, I don't know how many months. Pitiful dog master if you ask me.  On top of all that, I can't stop eating crap.  I don't eat potato chips, but lately I can sure down a whole bag of chips in a day, not to mention any cookies I can get my hands on.  I've gained a few pounds but it might as well be 20 pounds cuz that's how I feel!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all have many blessings in the New Year!  I suppose I'll be falling into that category with everyone else:  Eat all the crap I want until New Year's and then "get back on track and lose this holiday weight" with a New Year's resolution.  Ugh!  Maybe I'll just wait until Spring.

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