Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Fun With Girls

Marcella and I got to spend some time together the other day (happy goal accomplished!).  I took her to Target and we had hot chocolate (and a decaf latte) at Starbucks.  Marcella loves one-on-one attention.  She gets really chatty.  This was her first time in a coffee house, which made her feel grown up.  Not that Starbucks at Target is much of a coffee house experience, but she didn't know the difference. 

Marcella has been overly involved in these Rainbow Loom rubber bands.  She likes to look up Youtube how-to videos.  Her latest creation was a snake out of rubber bands.  I wish I had a picture to show you but I can't find it and she's in bed.  It's rather impressive.  She's made an ice cream treat bracelet and Minecraft charms, and numerous types of bracelets, all out of rubber bands. 

So as we're sitting in Starbucks, I thought I'd seize the moment and see if I can get any girl talk out of her.  She's been having issues with a couple of friends at school and thought it would be a perfect time to see how it's going.

Me:  So!  What's new?
Marcella:  You know....
Me:  Know what?
Marcella:  As she slyly pulls out her new Rainbow Loom snake out of her pocket and sets it on the counter, she eyeballs it then looks at me.
Me:  Huh?
Marcella:  That's what's new.

Well, I guess girl talk can wait.

More snow fun!

This time, we waited longer until the balloons froze completely.  This would be a great science experiment for kids.  When we put the balloons in the snow, they never froze.  Snow acts like an insulator.  If you bury a gallon of ice cream in the snow, it would actually start to melt.  So once we put the balloons up on a bench where the cold air could get all around the balloons, they froze in no time at all.

 These ice balls are buried in the snow now.  I don't want to dig them out because my hands were blue and purple for days. 

I took the kids snow sledding today (happy goal accomplished!).  As we were walking through the snow, I noticed there were no foot prints in the snow.  The snow was so smooth, it was breathtaking.  Then I realized we were walking on a golf course and took the hint that we shouldn't be walking in that area.  We moved to another area where we had the best time sledding!  There was not one other person in sight.  We had the whole ice-covered hill all to ourselves.  Got a few videos then my phone died.  Go figure.


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