Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I'm jumping on the blog hopping party for Wordless Wednesday!

I am so excited (maybe too excited) about our new socks.  Apparently, mixed-match socks are the "in" thing.  I love crazy feet and I don't care if they match my outfit or not.  This could possibly be the "easy-out" of matching socks on laundry day!  PLUS!

I saw this tree this summer and was so intrigued by it.  It was so straight and so tall, and the bark had a really neat pattern to it.

Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great photos Jillzy! I love the mixed match socks too!

  2. Cool socks!!!
    Not only do I like them, but I'm all with you about it being the "easy-out" for matching socks on laundry day, sounds great to me.
    We would love for you to come and join us in our Wordless Wednesday Hop

  3. The tree is neat, my husband is an Arborist. :)

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