Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Your Kids Really Think of You

So life has taken over lately.  In fact, my days flew by so fast, I didn't even realize it's been what, two weeks since I've posted?  I guess I'm going to end up being a bulk blogger.  I'll post everything in a day just to save time.

So lately, we switched cable providers which caused me to have to change my email address that I've had for 12 years.  Instead of getting an average of 30 emails a day, I'm down to about 2.  I guess I should've changed sooner.  Then a couple days later, my husband brought home a very early Christmas present:  a new computer.  We've been borrowing my sister's old laptop for several years and it's been good to me, but now we have our very own large-screen hp desktop with Windows 8.  It's fantastic and I'm still getting used to Windows 8.  The only thing I'm not happy about is Office 365.  The new version of Outlook stinks and now I have to get used to using Yahoo! mail.  Such a sad, torturous story but I'll spare you my pitiful details. 

As if that wasn't enough, we got a new computer desk.  We've been talking about it for years but it was one of those ripple affects that once you move one piece of furniture, the other rooms follow suit.  So we finally bit the bullet and just did it. That meant I went from having 3 drawers, shelves and a hidden compartment to no drawers or shelves.  (I had a lot of crap hidden in my old desk!) But I finally got to bring in my two-drawer filing cabinet from the garage that's been put for way too long.  Part of that ripple affect: we got a new kitchen table, too.  It's a counter top with 8 chairs.  We've had the same 4-chair table forever and it was never big enough for our large family, but boy has that table seen some crafts in its day!  I LOVE my new kitchen table!

But my real reason for posting tonight is that I want to share a video a friend of mine sent me.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Just when I start to wonder why God has entrusted me with children after having a very bad day (and counting down the minutes to when the school bus arrives), I imagine my kids whining about me all day to their friends at school.  "That mom of mine....  she drives me crazy!  She's so mean!  She yells all the time...."  And on those days when my daughter tells me that I'm the best mom ever, I wonder what she's really wanting.  Sound familiar? 

Ya know what?

When your child says "you're the best mom ever!"  she's telling you the truth.  Kids know a thing or two about love.  We become our own worst critic when the only thing our child sees is:





If you don't believe me, watch this video.  It's not very long so if you had a bad day today, yelled at the kids and grounded them to their rooms, and have been declared as "The meanest mom ever", enjoy this video!

What Kids Really Think of Mom

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  1. That is a well spent 3 minutes!! I loved watching that.