Tuesday, January 7, 2014

80 Uses for Coconut Oil

As promised, here's my post about all the benefits of coconut oil. 

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest fats you can consume.  There are two types of coconut oil: 

Refined and unrefined

Refined coconut oil has been exposed to high heat to deodorize and remove the coconut scent and flavor.  At times, it's been partially hydrogenated, which then the coconut oil could contain trans fat. 

Unrefined coconut oil has been dried and mechanically expressed.  It's often labeled as "virgin" or "pure" coconut oil.  It goes under the least process, which holds its distinct coconut flavor and scent.

Which one to choose?  Choose unrefined if you want the fullest coconut flavor.  Choose refined when cooking at higher temperatures, such as frying or baking.  Either one is good for you, as long as you choose a brand that is non-hydrogenated, however the unrefined and virgin/pure coconut oil is the best option for health benefits.

Remember, coconut oil is still a fat.  It contains the highest level of fat than any other oil but when used in moderation, reaps many, many benefits.  Coconut oil has a shelf life of at least two years.  It doesn't need to be refrigerated.  It improves or reverses Alzheimer's' disease, improves type 1 and 2 diabetes, improves and heals many skin issues such as acne, fungus, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.  It boosts metabolism, energy, and improves hypothyroidism.  Coconut oil strengthens hair, kills lice and improves dandruff.  It is antibacterial, antioxidant, kills viruses, and promotes weight loss.

So here we go, 80 uses for coconut oil.  '*' indicates I've personally tried and/or used coconut oil for that particular use.

  1. *Great for cooking and baking.
  2. *Spread on toast instead of butter.
  3. *Rub into skin as a lotion.  Beat with electric mixer until smooth, add your favorite essential oil and mix.
  4. *A natural deodorant
  5. Makeup remover
  6. *Diaper rash cream
  7. *Relieves sun burns
  8. *Coffee creamer.  A tablespoon of coconut oil, dash of vanilla, 1 tsp butter (optional), mix in food processor until smooth and runny and add to hot coffee.  Surprisingly very good!
  9. *Lighten age spots
  10. Homemade mayo
  11. *Minimizes/prevents stretch marks
  12. Tropical massage oil
  13. *Deep nighttime moisturizer
  14. *Hair serum to tame frizz
  15. *Chapstick
  16. *Deep conditioner for hair - Melt oil and massage through dry hair.  Wrap hair in plastic wrap for one hour and wash and condition as usual.
  17. Cradle cap on baby - massage oil onto baby's head for a few minutes and rinse.
  18. *Rub onto feet after shower and put on socks.  Cures athlete's foot, fungus and cracked heels.
  19. In place of Lanolin cream for nursing moms to sooth chapped nipples after breastfeeding.
  20. *Reduces scars
  21. Make your own toothpaste
  22. Topically relieves yeast infection symptoms
  23. *Body scrub - mix equal parts with coarse sugar or sea salt
  24. Make your own sunscreen
  25. 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil everyday will help increase milk supply and fat content in breast milk.
  26. Healthy snack for kids - Try Wellness Mama's recipe for Coconut Clusters
  27. Kills lice - The process is very long but it works without chemicals.  Coconut oil.com
  28. Helps relieve allergy symptoms - rub a small amount inside the nose.
  29. *Helps improve insulin levels
  30. Homemade bug repellent lotion bars
  31. Lower bad cholesterol
  32. *Helps digestion
  33. May kill intestinal parasites or yeast
  34. Reduces appearance of varicose veins
  35. Personal lubricant
  36. Heals ear infections
  37. Softens real leather
  38. Tanning oil
  39. Sooths itch of chicken pox or poison ivy
  40. Increases absorption of calcium and magnesium
  41. Whitening toothpaste (or along with baking soda)
  42. Helpful with those with autism
  43. Homemade vapor rub
  44. Very beneficial to pregnant women and unborn child
  45. Relieves pain of hemorrhoids
  46. Boost circulation
  47. *Helps cuticles to grow
  48. Sooths heartburn or nausea
  49. Add to smoothies
  50. *Replace butter with coconut oil in steamed vegetables
  51. Heals cold sores
  52. Increases mental alertness
  53. Baby lotion
  54. *Anti-aging facial moisturizer
  55. Heals ringworm
  56. Improves Parkinson's disease
  57. Clears "brain fog" when taken regularly
  58. Add to pet's food for a healthy, shiny coat
  59. *Eases arthritis
  60. Relieves constipation
  61. Balances hormones
  62. Use in hundreds of recipes, try this link to get you started
  63. Coat air-pop popcorn with coconut oil instead of butter
  64. Someone posted that coconut oil cured her child's pink eye.
  65. Improves Alzheimer's disease
  66. Improves hypothyroidism
  67. Improves Types 1 and 2 diabetes
  68. Heals eczema and rosacea and psoriasis
  69. Improves dandruff
  70. Helps hair grow
  71. Antibacterial
  72. Antioxidant
  73. *Heals razor burn/bumps
  74. Lowers depression
  75. Lowers menopause symptoms
  76. A tablespoon of coconut oil and 4 drops or more of oregano oil taken twice a day will kill yeast, mold, and fungus infections. Improves dry mouth.
  77. Smooths wrinkles
  78. Improves thyroid function
  79. Possibly helps improves shingles
  80. Decreases appetite


  1. I love using Coconut oil for my hair. It makes a total mess...or maybe I just don't know how to do it right...but love it. Also, I pretend I'm on a tropical island while my hair gets pretty. That's what I call a win..win!

    Laura @ mice in The Kitchen

    1. no, you're doing it right. it is a mess but so worth it!!! thanks for visiting!!!