Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Arctic Fun

When we got blasted with this arctic air, we were stuck inside for quite a while.  I didn't seem to mind, as you can tell from the pictures, we stayed in our pajamas for about four days.  This was right after Christmas break, so we started getting bored.  I saw a comment on Facebook about filling a balloon with water and food coloring and setting it outside.  When you pop the balloon you will have "tiny little colored ice balls".  This post explains how important it is to read directions thoroughly.  The comment didn't say, "wait until the balloons freeze and then pop."  No... honestly, with it being so so so so cold outside, I thought that once the balloon was popped, the colored water would instantly freeze and instantly create little frozen colored balls.  Right?  This post also shows how wild my imagination can fly.  The saying, "it sounded so much better in my head...." rings so true for me.  So here are our balloons:

After I explained to the kids that food coloring will stain, they insisted I go first.  Sadly, my balloon doesn't look so good.  Let me tell ya folks, yellow dye and snow just....  well, you know. 


So here's Marcella popping her balloon.  Did it freeze instantly?  No. *Sigh* But I did get a pretty cool picture in action:

Here's Ellen and her balloon.  I really wished I had red food coloring.  But the blue dye in the red balloon was pretty awesome.

 Pretty neat shot, huh?

Then we took squirt bottles and made art in the snow.  We were done after about 3 minutes.  It was about 0 degrees with a wind chill of about -35.  That's cold!

Then later that night, we threw hot water up in the air and made a big cloud.  We are still in debate whether the water came down in little ice balls (my theory of instant freezing still a bit shaky) or if it was the boiling water that sizzled on the ice below.   Either way, it was pretty cool!

Days like these, I have to remind myself why I still live in Ohio when I could be lving near the beach.

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