Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Sister Day

My sister is the best at decorating cakes.  She creates these most amazing cakes that I would never thought could possibly exist.  You've got an idea for a cake, no matter how outrageous it is, she'll figure out how to do it.  Sometimes, my sister gets so busy that she could really use extra help.  Sadly, I'm far from any skills that would benefit in helping her but cookies..... I can do!  She got an order of 96 cookies to bake and decorate for a wedding, which is something she doesn't normally do.  So I set off to visit her all day today.  No kids, no interruptions, we made cookies all day.  What a treat for me to just sit at the table, decorate cookies and visit with my sister.  Check out her website and you can see for yourself these amazing cakes my sister makes!!!!  She's even won awards for some of these cakes.

Sheena's Sweets

My family has so much talent.  We've got a painter, a potter, a cake decorator and me.... well, I write, I take pictures, I do crafts, lots of crafts!  I love messy crafts and I like to write about them, too.  Check these links out:  Flowers at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Glass Art by Chihuly  these are some of the pictures I recently took.  I love photoshop.  I could spend all day and change a picture around a hundred times to make it look different.  Unfortunately, my kids wouldn't let me waste that much time on the computer, but someday..... I will.  My goal someday is to be a hobbyist photographer.  Yeah, there's a title for ya.  I've got many dreams I would love to accomplish.  Right now, I'm grounded to the house taking care of my family and my dreams are in the works.  Sometimes, I can feel my creative juices start to simmer with ideas I want to take off with someday.  Being a stay-at-home mom is like being a horse in the starting gate, waiting for the race to start.  When that gate snaps open, I'll be off and running with some wonderful ideas of what I can do and my kids will (hopefully) be proud of me of what I can accomplish.  It's going to be a great ride!  Right now, my kids hold me down with lots of hugs and cartoons on the TV and we have lots of fun together.  What a life it's been!  I'm the luckiest mom in the world!

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  1. Hi there Jillzy!
    When my girls (3) were little, I used to dream of being a stay-at-home Mom. I had visions of being an in-between writer: in between their activities, sleep schedules, school times - you get the picture :)
    They are grown now and I'm a Nana (6) and no longer dreaming of staying at home; but definitly an in-between writer: in between work, grandchildren visits, feeding, changing bathing and playing with my live-in grandbaby :)
    Keep working on fulfilling your dreams and enjoy having the most important job in the world: Mom :)