Monday, May 9, 2011

Lord have mercy! So much HAIR!

I woke up with an overabundance of energy today.  I ended up doing a week's worth of laundry, stripped the beds, cleaned the house, made dinner for a friend and dinner for my own family, bathed the kids, and I brushed the dog.  'Tis the season of Spring time SHEDDING!   We have a German Shepard and my friends warned me about shedding.  We got her from a breeder, who kept the dogs outside most of the time so Koda had quite a thick winter coat.  We got her groomed and that took care of most of the hair.  I thought to myself, I can handle this.  Well, now that it's spring, oh, good heavens!  I brushed enough hair out of Koda to smother a puppy.  This was the third brushing in a couple of weeks. 

 Because of all the hair, I went on this cleaning frenzy.  The sun was shining so the windows were opened and now it feels good to sit here, practically catatonic from not sitting down all day...  in a clean house!

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