Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birchbox and a Mug Swap


I just love getting mail!  Well, the mail that makes me happy.  It's not too often I get a package in the mail or a letter from a friend.  But today when I got the mail, I got my first Birchbox!  I skipped home and immediately grabbed the scissors and ripped the box free, giddy like a child in a candy shop.  Samples, samples, I love samples!  I heard about the Birchbox from Lovely Life of Leah when she got her first Birchbox.  You have to sign up and get on a waiting list.  Birchboxes are packages you get in the mail with samples of really nice products.  If you like what you got, you can order more from their site.

 So I got 5 nifty little things...

 Those band-aids are for real women.  They have some chic designs on them, I almost can't wait until I get a boo-boo!  I've tried all of the stuff already.  Rose scented face toner/freshener, very expensive perfume, lip stain/gloss and soap.  I could immediately smell the soap before I even opened the box.

So there you have it.  I'll get a box for the next 3 months.  I can justify spending $10 a month on lovely samples that make me feel happy and pretty.


I found Natalie's mug swap at He Me and Them and couldn't resist.  She hooked me up with Jennifer at Finding My Way in Texas and this is the mug she sent me.

I absolutely love this mug!  It's plain, yes, but the inside is really cool.  What I like the most about this mug is the way it feels in my hands.  It's a soft square, it's lightweight and it doesn't make me drool coffee on myself when I drink.  Oh, and it's big, too.  When I sit down in the morning for a coffee break, I want a coffee break!  Like 20 minutes break.  No little tea cup espresso sip and you're done kinda coffee break.  Thanks, Jennifer for sending me such a cool mug!  Now head on over to He Me and Them and get into the coffee mug swap action!

That's all I got for now.  Just catching up with all the craziness we've had all week.  Have a blessed day!


  1. Cute mug!! Thank you for joining in on the fun!!

    I had birchbox but I canceled :/

  2. Yay! Glad you like your mug! The pickings were slim in my little podunk Texas town, but I found the one that I would have liked to keep... figured you'd like to have it :)

  3. Just stumbled across your blog! I love getting mail too (as long as it's not bills or junk mail... which, most of the time it is!) I have been dying to try Birchbox since I continue to see so many bloggers getting it. I have just heard mixed reviews about the products (how they are awesome one month and then not so great the next few months). So, I have yet to try it, but I might now!

  4. I 'm so excited you're loving your birchbox so much! I just got my 2nd one last week and omg... its $10 of pure happiness! Such a small price to pay for such a cool gift :)