Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I'm linking up with Create With Joy for Wordless Wednesday.... Ok, it's a day early but who's keeping track?  It's summer!

This will be the most random Wordless Wednesday ever.  It's been awhile since I was able to participate in WW so I'm uploading what I have for the time being.  Maybe I'll get working on a better one for next week.

M 4 year old took this picture of me.  I don't take pictures very well lately, but I really like this one.

My girls at camp.  I love camp!  So much fun!  I don't care how hot it gets...

Poor Koda, she puts up with so much!
Our dog, Koda Bear.  She doesn't care if a baby got in the pool.  She loves water and there's no stopping her.

It pays to know people in high places.  That's our car, along with a long row of police cars.  We got to park there for Fourth of July fireworks.  First ones out and no waiting in long traffic lines.

Now go link up with Create With Joy and post some pictures of your own!


  1. I LOVE going camping, we just got back from camping. I love pictures from camping. :)

  2. Dear Jillzy

    Thanks so much for joining us at Wordless Wed at Create With Joy!

    Your photographs are FABULOUS - you're daughter should photograph you more often! :-)

    Have a wonderful WW and I love how your dog is staying cool!

    Create With Joy

  3. GREAT picture of you! Did youy guys get a new car?