Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So What! Wednesday

SO it's Wednesday again!  THese posts are so much fun to write about that sometimes my week flies by before I have a cHance to figure out what I"m saying So WHat! to!  So again this week, I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I DO

This is what I"m saying So What! to:

  • I'm leaving all my typos in this post.  I'm tired of backspacing to fix them.  
  • I stayed up until 2am working on two interviews I did for Don Most and Victor Alfieri!!!!  I got to talk to both of them over the phone a while back.  Don is the sweetest man and so easy to talk to.  Victor is a hunk and has a sexy italian accent.  It was hard for me to understand him but it was fun hearing about what these guys are doing in the movie world.  i can't wait until they get published!!!!
  • We drove all thew ay down to Lancaster for our dog's group training.  There were over 20 dogs there this time and Koda was so dang distracted, it was pretty much useless in going.  So we threw her favorite ball around while she played with 20 other dogs.  it was fun though!
  • I just paid $100 to move my old piano from my mom's house to Columbus (and hour away) and found out that it can't even be fixed.  I have to buy a new piano now.
  • I had the hwole afternoont o myself yesterday.  NO kids, no huband, not even a ringing [hone.  I wrote, I read and the TV never went on!  Utopia! 
  • I quit making dinner when my husband is working.  The kids don't care and neither do I.  
What are you saying "So What!" to?

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