Saturday, June 2, 2012

Still here!

It's been a crazy week and it took me this long to realize that I haven't posted anything since So What! Wednesday.  I am a one-track minded kind of gal.  I can only focus on one motivating thing at a time.  Some days I get down on myself about that.  I used to be a great multitasker.... a great one! But in the last several years, my multitasking skills have plummeted.  My dear sweet friend once told me that I can no longer multitask because I'm already multitasking a million other things.  God bless her heart! 

So while this week has been crazy, I've been focusing on my new button you may have noticed on my blog.  I have Leah over at Lovely Life of Leah to thank.  Leah created my new button and now I have an image.  Leah is also sponsoring my blog for the month of June so I'm super excited about that.  If you have a blog, go check her out to get sponsored too.  If you don't have a button, she'll create one for you, too.  Leah is full of life and her blog is fun to read.  Go check her out!

In the meantime, I've been trying to motivate myself to write some poetry.  I haven't written any poems in a long time and all of a sudden, I'm getting motivated again.  I hope to come up with some new stuff soon so while I'm getting my creative vibes a vibrating, check out some of these poems I've made in the past:

A Father's Day Poem
Praise Poem
How Dreams Begin
Mystical Poem
The Tree
God's Shining on You
Christ in Mother
The God Sonnet
A Mother's Love

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