Friday, June 8, 2012

Sugar is Evil and Funny Things I've Heard

Yesterday, I had our whole day planned.  We were to go visit grandma and grandpa, look at some pianos and hang out as a family and enjoy the day.  When my husband got home, he thought going to the zoo would be a fun thing to do.  I'm all about flexibility and making things work so with a few rearranging of plans, we went to the zoo.  Before we left, we found out that for a family of four, it would cost about $60 to go for one day.  For just $40 more, we ended up getting a family pass. And of course, we couldn't stop there.

We found out that there are a lot of rides at the zoo.  This is new to us since it's been so long since we've been there.  That is $8 per person for a whole day.  Of course, we couldn't pass up the pony rides, too!

We were there until closing then stopped at Olive Garden for dinner.  We didn't leave there until after 9pm.  I was exhausted, broke and over fed with the overabundance of carbs and powdered sugar from the funnel cake I had to have.  I love funnel cakes!

I passed out on the couch and I don't even know what time that happened.  That was yesterday.

Because I'm always so hung up on money, because we never seem to ever have enough, I decide to take the girls back to the zoo today.  You know, I have to get our money's worth out of our pass.

You would think it was a Saturday afternoon.  Wait... today's Friday, right?  Yeah... it's Friday.  The zoo was packed, parking was horrible and the lines were long.  Luckily, because I'm so cheap, and we rode all the rides yesterday, I refused to take the kids over to the rides again.  We didn't have to wait in any long lines.  I packed a lunch and we ate it inside air conditioning.  It was a good day but my mistake was that I ate Oreos at lunchtime.  Sugar is evil!  Now it's 5pm and my body can't seem to move.  It's taking effort just to keep my hands on the keyboard.  On top of the sugar drop, I'm grumpy.  Sugar is evil!  Why won't I ever learn my lesson?

So enough with the zoo, my 8-year-old and my husband were watching TV the other day and they saw a commercial for Hot in Cleveland.  This is how the conversation went:

Marcella:  I want to go to Cleveland.
Daddy:  Cleveland?  Why?
Marcella:  Because it's hot.

Ellen, my 4-year-old can never seem to live down the fact that she used to say, "Slipping Booby" for Sleeping Beauty.

My husband took Ellen to the grocery store and she saw a girl with many colors in her hair.  She said very loudly, "Hi Pretty Girl!"  Daddy, a little embarrassed tries to hush her a bit, and Ellen responds, "No Daddy!  I want to say hi to the pretty girl, over THERE!" as she points to this girl.  "Hi Pretty Girl!"

Marcella was upset one day when she told me a boy said something to her at school that really bothered her. This is how that conversation went:

Marcella:  Mommy, a 5th grader came up to me at recess and said I was hot.  He made me so mad because it's not true!  I wasn't hot.
Mommy:  (trying really hard to hide a smile) Honey, when a boy says you're "hot" it means he thinks you're pretty.
Marcella:  But Mommy!  He's a boy and I'm not ready to marry him because then I would have to kiss him.  And I don't want to kiss a boy!  He just made me so mad.  It's not true!

Have a fabulous Friday! It's gonna be a hot weekend!

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  1. Marcella is growning up so fast and growing into a beautiful young lady. For some reason other people's children seem so much older to me than I think of Olivia. Funny how our minds trick us.

    Gracie used to say Sleeping Beauty as "sleeping booty) . . . kids are sooo funny!

    Have a great weekend! We need to enjoy the zoo together ASAP!