Friday, June 15, 2012

This and That and Almost Everything Else

This summer has been very calm and fun so far.  We've been sleeping in, hanging around the house, walking the dog, going to the zoo and doing whatever we feel like doing.  I took the girls to a strawberry farm.  Marcella really got into it but Ellen pooped out in 10 minutes.  We gathered 8 pounds of strawberries.  I made 2 pies from scratch and strawberry shortcake.  That didn't leave too much for just snacking but boy!  They were tasty!

We are teaching our German Shepherd, Koda Bear to stand on a fire hydrant.  Most people raise an eyebrow when they hear that.  I would too until I saw a dog do it.  She's getting there.  She'll get her front paws up there but it will take some time to get those back paws up.  She's such a smart dog, she'll figure it out.  In the next picture, she's in "place" on a rock and the girls just had to jump up there with her.  I never thought I'd have fun owning a dog again.  I do recall hearing myself say, "never again....!" but lo and behold!  Another dog!  Koda thinks these girls are her puppies.  It's too cute to see her play with them, follow them around and watch their every move.  She's such a good dog.

Since it's been hot, we've been drinking a lot of water.  I only have 2 water bottles but the kids have special cups, their own water bottles and fun straws, but they always go after my bottles.  I tried my mom's old trick and write "NO!" on stuff us kids weren't allowed to eat.  I remember getting all excited when Mom finally bought a new cereal (besides Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies) and we'd reach for the box with excitement all to find the word "NO!" written on it.  So I tried that with my water bottles and as Marcella is drinking out of my bottle she asks, "What's no no?"

Last night, Marcella made me dinner.  I helped her make the cucumber and tomato salad but she did everything else.  She even picked flowers. 

Under my juice box was a note....

She made a scavenger hunt and we ended up in her bedroom with "mood lighting" from all her nightlights and special lamps.  It was so very cute and thoughtful.
So that's how my summer's been so far.
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