Friday, May 11, 2012

20 Ways to Lead a More Christian Life

It’s easy to go to church on Sundays and say a prayer, but it’s not always easy to continue that prayerful attitude throughout the week. God gives us a week, all He asks from us is an hour, but is an hour good enough? Perhaps not.

Here are 20 ways to lead a more Christian way of life.
  1. Volunteer at church
  2. Attend a Bible class/study
  3. Red-light prayers: Say a prayer for fire trucks and police sirens
  4. Stop light/signs prayers: Say a prayer every time you’re stopped at a stop sign or traffic light
  5. Listen to christian music
  6. Read christian novels
  7. Attend Sunday school
  8. Make a welcome basket for new neighbors
  9. Visit a nursing home or hospital
  10. Volunteer at the food bank
  11. Donate blood
  12. Read daily devotions
  13. Pay for the person’s order behind you at a drive through restaurant
  14. Let someone in front of you at the checkout line
  15. Make dinner for a friend or neighbor
  16. Join the choir at church
  17. Pay a stranger a compliment
  18. Take a class that interests you and use your new talent for God
  19. Babysit for free so a couple can go on a date
  20. Lead a prayer chain


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