Monday, May 14, 2012

If I Could Paint the Sky

Some of you have already read this.  If I Could Paint the Sky is one of my favorite poems I created.  I came up with it when my kids asked where people go when they go to Heaven.
For today’s Quiet Corner…
If I Could Paint the Sky
By Jill Wright
If I should die, I would ask God for a Heavenly chore
To choose the colors the sun calls for
During the morning hours of colorful schemes,
Until the sun shoots out its bright, glorious beams.
I would want to ask God for a pallet of paints
That everyone would love, even the saints.
And a paintbrush to stroke the pictures I choose
That spreads the glorious sunrise of brilliant hues.
I would want to ask God for the wisdom of art
So I could paint the sunset from my heart.
Brilliant colors and deep arrays
Oh Loving God, to You they will praise.
If I should die and go to Heaven, the job for me
Is to paint the stars in the world for everyone to see.
I would paint the moon so it reflects in the sea
So gracious, full and brilliant, oh glory be!
Oh God, someday we will meet and I pray that day
I would get to paint the brilliant sky and say,
God taught me to paint the sky for all of you
Blessed be the Creator, His creations so true! Hepp

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  1. Thank you for suggesting that I read your blog. I really don't know much about blogs! Wow! Your blog is spectacular! You are so talented, and, such a blessing to those precious children of yours!!