Friday, May 11, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Thanks, Shannon at Life After I Dew for letting me link up with you for So What! Wednesday!
Here’s what I’m saying So What! to:
1. I wasted the whole morning on the phone when I had really important things to do before the kids got home from school.
2. I didn’t make any beds today because my husband is at work and he’ll never know.
3. I’ll stay up until the wee hours of the morning to write and blog when my husband is at work. He wonders why I’m so tired early the next night when he’s home.
4. When my kids are getting along and playing nice, I won’t make them clean up until it’s bed time. I’d rather they leave me alone when they’re playing nicely and I won’t disrupt the harmony to make them clean up.
5. I didn’t plan any dinner last night, hoping it would be too late to cook and we’d have no choice but to order in or go out. Lucky for me, my in-laws called at the last minute and invited us out to dinner. How lucky was THAT!!!!
6. I’m STILL mad that ABC cancelled No Ordinary Family. I hold a grudge to them every week. I loved that show!
7. I have to stifle my giggles when I have to force my children to hug each other. (it’s really a very comical picture….)

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