Monday, May 14, 2012

Half-Drunk Coffee

11:10 PM – Thursday

As I’m sitting here looking at my half-drunk coffee from this morning, I’m going through the past two days in my head.  I’m not usually one to complain about my day.  I’m a very positive person and I feel that others don’t need to add my grief on top of their own day.  However, I’m feeling a bit disappointed that I’ve wasted so much coffee in the past several days.  I make 6 cups, that’s 2 mugs for me. One first thing in the morning and another after I get to eat breakfast.  Lately, I’ll hear the distant beep of my coffee maker warning me that it’s shutting off and I want to chase after it yelling, “No! No!  I still want more coffee!  Don’t turn off yet!” All to find myself around 2:00 grieving over my wasted coffee that I never did get to go back and get my second cup.  It kills me as I mourn for my tasty coffee around 7pm when I’m dumping it down the drain preparing it for the next day’s coffee.  “It’s just so unfair!”

Yesterday didn’t end until 3:30 this afternoon.  From too many errands to run, getting a knock on the door from the water guy telling me he’s here to shut off our water, the dog throwing up on the carpet (again), millions of small projects laying all over the house (and they all had approaching deadlines!), my daughter missing the school bus, and every time I reached out to accomplish one task, something else came up:  phone calls, cookie pick ups, baby needs fed or changed, all the way to the hole in my jeans getting bigger and bigger every time I crouched down to pick something up.  No time to have changed my pants, I ended up at Awana in the same jeans.  Thank God for very long T-shirts!  I felt like a voodoo doll, someone from   another land poking me with a pin saying, “let’s add THIS to her crazy fiasco! (followed by an evil laugh)”

I can laugh at myself now.  As of 3:30 this afternoon, the house was cleaned up (well, straightened up), all girl scout moms have picked up their cookies, kids made firmly aware that they were to clean their rooms while I set up homework projects for them to do, then we would eat dinner, baths and bed. And by golly, it took a while, but they got homework done and we ate dinner at 7:00.  Baths… well, their hair was wet when they came down, what more could I ask for?   I did not drag my ass off the couch when their one cartoon was over to send the kids to bed, I was already on my feet, drilling like a sergeant:  “clean up your snacks and off to bed.  move it! move it! move it!”

Sweeper ran: 9:15pm.  I’m finishing this day with a bang, darn it!  I’m going to sit here, write my very fast approaching deadline, blog about this whatever-you-want-to-call-it kind of day(s) and I’m going to sip some wine and patiently await my next cup of coffee in the morning for I have taken back control of my household!

“… Why, when I needed You most, You have not been there for me?
The Lord replied, “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints,
is when I carried you.” ~ Mary Stevenson
Footprints In The Sand

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