Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Thanks Shannon at Life After I Dew for letting me link up with you for another week of So What! Wednesday!

This is what I'm saying So what! to:
  • if there's a pile of spider clumps in the corner of my kitchen.  So far my husband hasn't seen it and it's not not even motivating me to clean the kitchen.
  • I let my 4-year-old and her best friend play outside all day.  They get into the mulch and pick leaves out of the garden.  As long as they're playing nice together....
  • I've slacked big time on the kids' chores and homework for months.
  • I decided to (temporarily) quit writing for Yahoo! when we just added two new bills to our budget
  • I haven't scheduled eye appointments for my family yet.  They were due months ago.
  • my closets are busting at the seams.  The frustration goes away as soon as I shove the door shut and move on to the next room.
Have a sunshiney Wednesday!


  1. I'm over for SWW! I love the sunflower picture :)

  2. My closet is a nightmare. But it's not my fault it's too small!

  3. I was just looking at my closet and thinking it needed a good clean out but by golly I feel like I JUST cleaned it!