Friday, May 11, 2012

Too much to remember....

As my youngest daughter and I were snuggling on the chair in our pajamas watching cartoons, we kept hearing slamming, banging and loud rolling noises outside. We finally got up to look out the window to see a rental truck dropping off huge recycle bins at every house in our neighborhood. I’ve always wanted to recycle but it has always cost to recycle. We don’t need another bill so I would find other little ways to recycle. Now, the city is offering free recycling and I can now recycle. Now I’m thinking to myself, “Great! another thing to remember!”
I often wonder why my days are so crazy. Anyone who has kids, have a full time job, or not, or both all have crazy lives. My life is crazy because I’ve gotten myself into numerous little things that make me feel like a good person to contribute:
I save plastic bottle caps for a chemotherapy patient.
I save used postage stamps for dialysis patients.
I scan every purchase we make for the National Consumer Panel.
I save Box Tops for my child’s school.
I save Labels for Education for my child’s school
I write for Yahoo!, always looking for topics to write about, including crafts and parenting; therefore,
I save trinkets, craft odds-n-ends, etc.
… and that’s just a few.
Now, we have a recycling bin. I don’t know anything about recycling and now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to gather up recycle items as we use them, then take them out to the garage. We don’t have room for a smaller recycle bin inside my house.
My husband is going to have a cow over this. He hates that I dig through the trash to take off his plastic bottle caps that he threw away, he had a fit that I wanted to take the caps off the kids’ full McDonald’s milk jugs that were in the car, and he gets really annoyed that putting groceries away takes twice as long because now I’m scanning every thing he brought into the house.
Helping out by collecting these things make me feel good to be me. Who wouldn’t want to help, especially a cancer patient???
I always say, when life gets really hectic and too much to handle, something has to give, and that’s okay. However, until I figure out what needs to give, I’ll continue collecting all these things and figure it out later.

They couldn't give us the small recycling bins. This is what we got! Where the heck am I going to put it?????

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